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Earl Dreams of IPA – Post 2

So about that Experiment #4….

Something went dreadfully wrong. Imagine taking a band-aide off your sweaty arm, putting it in a microwave until it gets nice and crispy on the edges, and then chewing on this while drinking a nice glass of water with a few too many pellets of hops dropped into it. Yeah, that basically sums up how well Experiment #4 came out.

Obviously, I got an infection in the beer, which is a real bummer. Had a friend of mine over to taste it and he agreed, something went horribly wrong. It couldn’t have just been the recipe itself. All of the ingredients were solid ingredients. No weird curveballs there. I suspect my brewing partner (my 13 year old pug) may have gotten himself a bit too close to the fermentor while filling and added a fur or two to the mix.

Stay tuned for Experiment #5. This time my brewing partner has agreed to wait upstairs while dad fills the fermentor.

3 thoughts on “Earl Dreams of IPA – Post 2

  1. Young Rival is our flagship IPA. Using a blend El Dorado, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops, we focused on creating a juicy and tropical IPA with very limited bitterness, and a simple malt bill that lets the hops shine.

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