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Chris Denney

Electronics Manufacturing

My name is Chris Denney and I have been working for decades in the electronics manufacturing industry. Here’s my story.

I started out my career working for a small contract manufacturer through high school and college called AppliCAD Inc. I got exposure to nearly every aspect of the industry, from test, stuffing boards with parts, running automated machines, and ultimately becoming the in-house expert in automated inspection technology. While working at ACI I went to college and earned my degree in Electronics Engineering.

After graduation I worked for Yestech, which was later purchased by Nordson. I traveled all over the United States and Canada, installing, training, and selling automated optical inspection machines as well as x-ray equipment. I helped to develop training documentation and improve the software that ran the equipment. As a Field Applications Engineer I worked to find use cases for the equipment that were not always obvious, which helped to open larger untapped markets.

From there I had a brief stint at Accutron Inc. before working as an independent sales rep with the now defunct Matrix Sales Inc. As a sales rep, I had the opportunity to visit dozens of manufacturers throughout New England and help them find solutions to their problems and improve their efficiency and thus their profitability.

In 2011 I was hired by Worthington Assembly Inc. At the time, we were a small group of about a dozen individuals, working hard to transform a small family business into a modern and efficient automated assembly factory, without losing the intimate feel that comes from working in a small family business. It’s been a wonderful journey and I’ve worked with some fantastic people.

As CTO I’ve been principally responsible for the equipment and technology that transforms disparate parts into a complete product. I’ve evaluated and purchased nearly every machine we own, including stencil printers, solder paste inspection machines, pick and place machines, reflow ovens, automated optical inspection machines, selective soldering machines, depaneling equipment, and automated board handling equipment (conveyors). We have put together two fully automated SMT assembly lines, and semi-automated selective soldering lines.

In 2014 I was contacted by CircuitHub and convinced management that this was a company worth partnering with.